Investment Commentary

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1st Quarter 2019
Over the past 70 years the US stock market has been a standout, outperforming foreign stocks by 1% per year. $10K invested in US stocks in 1950 turned into $14M vs. only $8M in foreign stocks. Want to know how much of that outperformance has come since 2009? All of it.
4th Quarter 2018
Global economic growth is expected to decelerate into 2019 as fiscal stimulus fades, monetary accommodation is removed, the dollar strengthens and there is a less favorable trade environment.
3rd Quarter 2018
Following a synchronized global expansion in 2017, economic growth has become more uneven across regions this year.
2nd Quarter 2018
Despite all of the pess imism, U.S. equities continued to eke out gains so far in 2018. This is in large part due to a domestic economy that is accelerating and expected to grow in the second quarter at the fastest annualized rate since 2014.
1st Quarter 2018
As the quarter came to a close, “March Madness” wa s in full swing. I am not just referring to the NCAA tournament, but the wild swings in equity markets.