Women in Transition

While the circumstances surrounding divorce and losing a spouse are uncomfortable and difficult to plan for, we can help you navigate these challenging times. We recognize the adversity that comes with trying to achieve financial independence and control of your financial life amid these significant changes. In our office, Diane Dercher holds the CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) certificate in addition to her CFP® certificate. The CDFA provides her with specific training and knowledge to understand the financial aspects of divorce. Widowhood presents a different set of conditions than divorce, but a similar planning process will be undertaken to confront the sudden need to make financial decisions.

Our team will provide you with analysis of their financial situation, and strategies to understand the short-term and long-term effects of the financial plan. Through this process, we will spend time collecting and analyzing your financial data, and will help manage your expectation of your financial future by presenting different scenarios and talking through your budget and expenses.

Our goal in this process is to take the time to carefully analyze all of the major changes in your life, and help reduce confusion and fear of the unknown. Financial independence is an important goal and during periods of transition, it can feel like an unobtainable goal. Our mission is to help you through these changing times, and guide you toward financial independence.