Hallmark Employees

The advisors at WMA have been working with Hallmark Cards, its employees and retirees for nearly 30 years. Close to one-third of our client base is made up of individuals with Hallmark ties. This group extends across virtually every working group from the creative team to production workers, as well as various levels of management. Kevin McGrew has conducted dozens of pre-retirement workshops in front of thousands of employees at numerous Hallmark locations over the last two decades. We have been very fortunate to have this relationship with Hallmark Cards and its employees.

The financial markets can sometimes be confusing and we partner with our Hallmark clients to help them with their goals. We feel that we know the choices Hallmark retirees face better than any other financial advisor. For example, the choice on how to take the Cash Balance funds is not a simple one. The choices are a lump sum or an annuity, but which is better for you? If you pick the annuity payments, which payment option do you choose? If you are over 55 but under 59 ½ and are retiring, do you know how to access your retirement funds without penalty? These are the decisions we help Hallmark retirees with on a frequent basis.

No matter what your level of assets, we work diligently to help you during your retirement years. Today’s financial markets demand not only the use of experts in the field, but also someone who understands you as an individual.

Hallmark Cards is an important part of the history of Kansas City and the history of WMA. We look forward to working with you.

WMA’s services nor firm is endorsed by Hallmark.