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You have goals for your future; probably more than one. They might be about the lifestyle you hope to lead in retirement. Or a child's education. There might be a charitable cause you hope to support more fully, or a hobby you've yearned to pursue. Or perhaps you're just not quite able to articulate your goal. But we bet you have one, nevertheless. Understanding what's really important to you is at the heart of how we'll begin to build the kind of relationship you expect. Step by step, in a way that is very personal, very open and very focused on your hopes and dreams and goals.

We understand that there are two aspects to money - the logical side and the illogical, or emotional side. You cannot ignore one without affecting the other. The problem with money and emotion is that it can get us into trouble with our investments. None of us is immune to making emotional decisions with regard to our investments. We cycle between greed and fear with regard to the stock market; we abandon long-term goals when panic takes over during a bear market and buy when euphoria envelops us. In retirement, we face the fear of running out of money before we run out of time, but also don’t want to look back with regret at not using our resources to get more out of life. Understanding your relationship with money and who you are as an investor is critical to achieving your financial goals. We work together with our clients to achieve this understanding.

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